Are We Headed for Footloose Territory?

The Alcoholic Beverage Control Web site defines a disorderly house as one which a) “disturbs the neighborhood” or b) "has many crimes ongoing inside." Neither one describes the DNA Lounge, in our opinion, but we are of course not lawyers, secret Christian crusaders within the ABC, or cops. Ha ha, just kidding — there probably aren't any Christian crusaders in the ABC using our tax dollars to harass nightclubs! We're also sure there's no connection between that possibility and the phrase "injurious to the public morals," which is what the ABC cited the still-closed DNA for being. At the second Flux Summit, a group of local electronic-music industry people discuss "What's Shaking Down SF Music Venues?" Panelists are shockingly well-chosen and include Michael Winger from the Recording Academy (which puts on the Grammys), concerned local pol Debra Walker, Entertainment Commish guy Terrance Alan, entertainment lawyer Mark Rennie, and Bottom of the Hill owner Tim Benetti.
Thu., Jan. 21, 6 p.m., 2010

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