Take My Health Plan, Please

The economy, housing, jobs, foreign policy — all of it, still wrecked. Is it time? That’s beside the point, since The Obama Roast is going off regardless of how strongly you scream, “But he inherited this shit from Bush! Do a Bush roast! Yes you can!” Featuring comic Kevin Avery and brought to you by the line-obliterating wits behind The Jesus Roast and The Hitler Roast, Howard Stone and Kurt Weitzman, The Obama Roast anchors the second week of Sketchfest like a teabagger interpreting the Constitution (entertaining, scary), and is sure to leave you squirming in your seat — good comedy is never safe. But it can be nostalgic, and two screenings of Monty Python classics (Jan. 21), both attended by cast member Terry Jones, might bring more than tears of laughter. Also of note this week: The sketch-darlings the Whitest Kids U'Know (Jan. 21-22), an already-sold-out Jan. 23 performance by the sheriff’s department of Reno 911! (maybe you can bust the door down), a talk show with Gordon Gano from the Violent Femmes and Dick Cavett (just go with it), and, for those who will try anything once, "Weird Al" Yankovic in a Q&A with Chris Hardwick (Jan. 23). Next week features another head-swimming array of talent before the festival ends on Feb. 2, including Kasper Hauser, Rachel Dratch, Neil Patrick Harris, John Hodgman, Fred Willard, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Killing My Lobster, and Siskel and Negro, aka the aforementioned Avery teamed up with W. Kamau Bell.
Mon., Jan. 25, 8 p.m., 2010

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