"Josedgardo Granados and Jonathan Parker"


Through Feb. 13. Free; 956-1178 or www.jackfischergallery.com.
Jack Fischer Gallery, 49 Geary (at Kearny), Suite 418, S.F.

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Opposites complement at this exhibit, which juxtaposes Josedgardo Granados' intimately detailed drawings with Jonathan Parker's large-scale portrait paintings. Granados' monochromatic skyscapes are drawn in silvery graphite. From a distance, they look like straightforward depictions of swirling galaxies. Close up (and you can get really close – a magnifying glass is attached to the wall next to the works), the night sky reveals minuscule buildings, rendered in microscopic line. Is this a future in which man has colonized the stars? Granados says the works "represent the struggle between nature, development, and the human footprint upon the terrain." Parker's acrylics focus instead on blocks of shape and contrast for impact. A man's head, seen from the back, is as curved as a question mark, while a face-forward portrait levels the viewer with an irresistible gaze. Stories emerge from both Granados' and Parker's work, in markedly different ways.

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