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Support your local farmers' market for better food — and a better economy.

Farren also cites the 10 percent unemployment rate as a probable contributing factor to the appearance of new farmers' markets. Like many farmers' markets, the one at the Ferry Building relies deeply on volunteer support. "If there's an upside to the times, it's that people have more time to give," she says. She also notes that customers are increasingly interested in growing their own food, saying that last year people were looking for flower starts and this year are looking to buy herb starts. "Herbs are a great option for city dwellers," she says, adding that the large bunches of herbs sold at the markets are often too plentiful to get fully used: "You need thyme, but not that much thyme. How much better to grow your own in a pot and just take what you need, and feel the satisfaction of nurturing a plant as well as yourself?"

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