List: Graffiti abatement

Last week, the city announced a new plan to fight graffiti by paying for community murals on areas that are frequently tagged. What other approaches has San Francisco tried to stop graffiti?

• Ask nicely

• Tag walls right back

• Initiate some complicated plan that Gavin Newsom borrowed from New York, spent $10 million on, paid attention to for a week, then forgot

• Pass a resolution declaring February Graffiti Awareness Month

• Mediation. Because if there's anybody kids respect and listen to, it's mediators

• Create other, socially conscious opportunities for kids to have fun — like learning about organic food

• Ask Dave Eggers to start a foundation that will show us all

• Let police take lots of overtime for standing around walls, looking vigilant

• Advocate peace in Palestine: IT'S ALL CONNECTED!

• Denial

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