Love’s Sweet Velocipede

Who says love can only be found while dining on braised pheasant and Michelin stars with hedge fund analysts and when followed by a romantic high-speed drive in the most expensive Lamborghini ever built? Such assumptions are sheer status-hungry twaddle: True love, the kind you win semirandomly on a game show, knows no vehicular discrimination or dietary restrictions. Hence Love on Wheels, a dating game created by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. This romantic version of Russian roulette involves the usual bicycle folk you see pedaling around town getting thwacked by recklessly thrown-open car doors, with the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes separated from their lusty inquisitor by a makeshift partition. It’s all carried out in the style of The Dating Game, but takes a markedly less heteronormative tack, game-show dating no longer being defined as specifically between a man and a woman. Lusty inquisitor asks questions that bridge the gap between love and pedal power, such as “If your bicycle could ask me on a date, how would it do it?” and “What do you wear while you’re riding your bike?” Meanwhile, the adorability factor shoots through the roof, heart rates race, and even the noncompetitive can be glimpsed making googly eyes at one another.
Fri., Feb. 12, 7 p.m., 2010

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