Rock Mountain High

In the fuzz-infested waters of garage rock, none rules supreme-er than Sic Alps. The local trio is just back from a tour with Sonic Youth, for example. Musically, the Alps come throbbing and clanging through town like surf guitar took a hit of Owsley with a cough syrup chaser; chugging riffage is leavened and stretched with new recruit Noel Von Harmonson from Comets on Fire’s singularly tripped-out sound. Pitchfork notices “a head-swallowing feedback screech where a solo should go” and “indiscernible waves of distortion” on the group’s only full-length record, U.S. EZ. To us, that sounds exactly like a Noel Von Harmonson–shaped hole. The band must agree; word on the street is that OGs Matt Hartman and Mike Donovan plan to keep, nurture, and feed him at least through the next recording session.

Sic Alps joins Lights in opening for the Entrance Band.
Sun., Feb. 14, 8 p.m., 2010

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