Smartass Bartender

Some people are impressed by artificial intelligence and strides in robotics. Other people spend all day in bars. If they were ever to be impressed by a robot, it would be one that could make them a drink. Today, Eureka. BarBot 2010 ushers an assortment of preprogrammable multifunctional manipulators out of the lab and into the nightclub, installed with the programming language necessary to effect not-trivial social-environment betterment. Chapek and Bartendro make drinks, El Espanol Borracho makes flaming drinks, RimShot Bot goes ta-ta-dum after George Bush jokes, and stuff like that. Call it the RoboGames for people who spend all day in bars. After a few drinks, see who fails the Turing test now.
Wed., Feb. 17, 9 p.m., 2010

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