Double Your Fun

A love of magnificence and psychedelia unites Seth Armstrong and Christopher Russell. The two-man show featuring these two men, “Fort Big Mountain,” is even curated by two men, gallerino Gabe Scott and the hotness that is painter Jay Howell. The men in question gaze thematically on things grandiose, strong, venerable, and old with an unexpected reverence. Of course, they also fuck around with Paris, stick hallucinations on mountaintops, and pee on Ireland. But to render as lovingly as they both do trees and meadows and landmarks takes more than a bratty wish to simply unzip and release on anything established. Instead, the paintings they’ve produced focus on updating, interrogating, or adding to clunky, imposing reality. Anything Jay Howell likes is going to have geometry and horniness involved, too, of course.

An opening reception starts at 5 p.m.
March 4-27, 2010

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