Laugh Out Loud

Geeks: Decades ago, people found them funny, until they started printing money on technology nobody understood. Now they’re feared, and slipped résumés. Let’s try laughing with them: Cross Platform Comedy brings Jeff Reitman, Adam McLaughlin, Sheila Bryson, Dave Karraker, and host Ryan Cronin to the stand-up stage. Billed as a “comedy troupe for nerds, by nerds,” all the members have worked in the tech industry. This means we could get jokes about how to pronounce MySQL, and maybe even some jokes about the underlying architecture of ... whatever MySQL is. Or WYSIWYG — surely there’s a joke about WYSIWYG and a quart of Jim Beam that’s just waiting to be picked up.. Jeff Reitman, for one, loves videogames. “Yes, I transgender in games. Deal with it.” But don’t expect everybody to stick to tech: Dave Karraker, who helped launch a bunch of Sega consoles and the PlayStation 3, said this to an audience last year: “I don’t have to eat pussy to get a blow job.” Game on, Karraker!
Sat., March 6, 8 p.m., 2010

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