Plastic Surgery

The Holga is the Rocky Horror Picture Show of cameras. Both are cheap and seem like they could fall apart at any minute, yet hold images and tell stories of enduring beauty and deathless, cultworthy absurdity. At the “International Juried Plastic Camera Show,” the Holga and its toyish brethren are celebrated properly; unwashed hordes submitted snaps, and the jury chose the best of them. Less than 100 Holgas remain, but oh, how gloriously high-resolution and low-tech they are! Plastic cameras tend to leak light all over film and misfocus parts of any given image. This would be cause for alarm if you had paid more than $25 for your camera, but here, the artist’s combination of luck and tolerance of the imperfect is tantamount to skill. The fact that most of the contributors also have skill is just the eyeliner on Dr. Frank N. Furter.
Feb. 26-April 17, 2010

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