The Giggles

Comedians who tell good marijuana jokes tap into their psychedelic unconscious, cobbling together dim memories of long stretches amidst burrito heels and Xbox controllers. Or they get baked, pre-show. Brian Posehn seems like he does both. God knows he knows his way around a joint, or even a percolating gravity bong. As he related to a Coachella audience, “I have four hobbies: I play Xbox Live, I smoke pot, I masturbate, and I cry.” He also pals around with Super High Me pot head Doug Benson, who said, on camera, when he was totally high, that the favorite person he liked to get blasted with was Posehn when they did standup in the Bay Area. Posehn also plays the gay metalhead gamer on The Sarah Silverman Program, and that whole operation seems to be the result of a lost week after someone’s agent scored. Pale, large, bearded, with pleasant-if-frightening-to-children features, Posehn looks like a perpetually stoned bear — especially when he played a stoned bear on Silverman. He’s the squishy, affable side of alt-comedy comedians; the Pintos 'N Cheese to Patton Oswalt’s KFC Failure Pile in a Sadness Bowl.

Remy Munasifi opens.
March 4-7, 8 p.m., 2010

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