Dead Sea

An unpublished study shows the surprisingly lethal effects of the Cosco Busan oil spill. Why are government scientists helping the ship's owner keep it a secret?

Walsh, the lawyer for Fleet Management and Regal Stone, said the involvement of his clients' scientists has conformed to federal and state law, and that their extensive comments criticizing the 2009 toxicity report on herring were produced for the government's administrative record — and not with the expectation that the report itself would be altered.

Do Regal Stone and Fleet Management exercise too much control over the government tasked with assessing the extent of the damage they have done to the water and wildlife of San Francisco Bay? Walsh, and the shipping companies, would argue quite the opposite.

"At the end of the day, they have the final say," he said of federal and state regulators. "Whether we have too much influence or not? My clients would tell you we probably don't have enough."

Read the full government report on the toxicity of Cosco Busan bunker fuel as well as criticism from shipping company consultants at

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