@sk Jamie Varon: Help! My boss added me on Foursquare

Dear Jamie,

I love my boss; he's great, and he's even a nice guy. The kind of boss you can be Facebook friends with, y'know? But. The other day, he added me as a friend on Foursquare. I don't know how I feel about that. I think that's kind of weird, don't you? I mean, it's one thing for my boss to see my status messages and occasional photos, but for him to know where I am at all times? That feels a bit Big Brother to me. Should I accept his Foursquare invite?

From an Unknown Location

Here's a great idea: If you really want to decide whether this boss of yours is going to pull a Big Brother, create a fake Foursquare account for yourself with your real name and friend-request him on that. Tell him that you switched accounts because your other one got hacked. Hehe! Play it cool here. Van Damme it.

Then check into Power Hour, a dark alley in Chinatown, and, of course, some strip clubs. He'll know you are sufficiently fucking wasted and completely up for some questionable decisions (body shots?!) and, if he shows up, you can pull a To Catch a Predator on him. Surprise. Busted!

Granted, you'd have to actually go to that dark alley and Power Hour and strip club, so make sure in your attempt to catch him that you don't accidentally sleep with him. Learn from my mistakes. Unless, of course, you need a promotion — then learn from my successes.

You could always deny his initial request, and if he asks what happened, play dumb and say, "Weird. I didn't even get a request from you. Stupid Foursquare!" Or, fuck it, blame AT&T. Everyone loves doing that.

But actually, the best option would be to decide whether it really affects you that much and, if it does, deny the request and send him an e-mail explaining why. Be completely honest and say you don't feel comfortable having your boss as your Foursquare contact. However, if it doesn't really bother you, let him be your contact. If he's as cool as you say he is, he probably won't stalk you, so you should be fine. And, since the operative words here are "probably won't stalk you," it wouldn't hurt to grab some pepper spray or a rape whistle.

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