Dude, Aasif Mandvi's Going to Be There

San Francisco hosts 50-some film festivals every year – do the math – but the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival is in the top three and nobody argues about that. The city buzzes and glitters more than usual during its takeover; its pull is so strong it creates its own magnetic poles of social behavior. Start coordinating with your friends as to who's seeing what when, and which restaurant you're going to afterward, now. This year, the brilliant film programming (a new Hong Sang-soo! A documentary on Chinatown movie theaters!) has its ante upped by the Festival Forum. This street fair-style fiesta in Japantown involves the interactive map art of Lordy Rodriguez; music by VidyA, Poison Apple Pie, and many others; MC Anthem Salgado; the Bruce Lee-obsessed fight choreography of Mike Lai, and also, to Lai's delight, an outdoor screening of Enter the Dragon.
March 11-21, 2010

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