Stair Masters

Is "running stadiums" more popular now that it was featured on Lost? If Hunky McHunkersons Matthew Fox ("Jack") and Henry Ian Cusick ("Desmond") do it, maybe you should too? (That both characters are standard-issue bonkers should not be considered here; it's not the stadiums' fault.) At the Stadium Stampede, perfectly well-adjusted citizens run up and down the intimidating stairways of the sports arena, up and down, up and down. They're all perfectly well-adjusted, as previously mentioned. We know this because the whole exercise exists to benefit the Good Tidings Foundation, which rebuilds Little League diamonds, takes fourth-grade classes on all-expenses-paid field trips to an art center, and helps seniors with college tuition. Spectators are welcome; admission includes lunch and a case of the warm fuzzies.
Sun., March 21, 8 a.m., 2010

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