Seaweed and Space

Seaweed and Space Husband-and-wife team Kate Tedman and Eric Siemens go by the name Kate Eric in the art world. Unlike most spousal duos, they paint together, collaboratively, which may seem impossible to anyone else who's married. Very few people paint well with others, of course. But the arrangement yields epic canvases — at "Bug War Over Two Blue Mountain," they're twisting, spacey cathedrals inhabited by bright, organlike shapes. Gray expanses drop out far behind orange nonlungs with flapping finlike, seaweed-inspired appendages, while protoplasm shoots out all around. The exhibit is named for a particular, huge new work that looks like a grand medieval fairy tale under the sea, equal parts Hieronymus Bosch and surfer acid trip.
March 27-May 1, 2010

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