A Hopey, Changey Day on the Diamond

With garlic fries in one hand and an It’s-It in the other, Giants fans are ready for another season at AT&T Park, arguably the most beautiful stadium in the majors. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since it opened as Pacific Bell Park, but that’s what’s being celebrated during a pregame ceremony on Sunday, replete with Barry Bonds, Jeff Kent, and other guys who sweetened the christening in 2000 by winning the National League West. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves: The Giants’ home opener is today, so the wily will be leaving death rattles on their bosses' voicemails before heading to China Basin for a day full of more hope than an Obama campaign speech. Make sure to get there early enough to catch local singer-songwriter-panty-dropper Matt Nathanson belt out the national anthem. The Giants will have already finished up a three-game series in Houston, which means you’ll have to settle for number-four starter Jonathan Sanchez on the mound. Then again, he’s the guy who last year threw the Giants’ first no-hitter in 33 years, and maybe he’s ready to unveil the sequel. That’s exactly the kind of optimism that comes only once a year.
Fri., April 9, 1:35 p.m., 2010

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