Going Dancing

Dame Margot Fonteyn was the worldwide prima ballerina assoluta of the 1940s, '50s, and '60s. She was awesome. She once saw one of the astonishing regional dances of the Caribbean, and is supposed to have said, "What a beautiful dance! I shall never be able to do it." If Fonteyn had been to the CubaCaribe Festival of Dance and Music: From Katrina to Port-au-Prince, she would have been really demoralized. Not really, of course — festival founder Ramón Ramos Alayo is a very upbeat person, and the three-weekend party is a good time. "But then you know it’s not just showing big smiles and pretty costumes either," Alayo says, acknowledging the devastation visited on Caribbean and Caribbean-diaspora communities in recent years. Haitian, Congolese, Afro-Cuban, and other styles from all over the world are on hand to entertain, inform, and expand viewers; ballerinas are welcome.
April 16-May 2, 2010

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