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Though the band began life with a postpunk clatter, Love Is All now leans toward vulnerable yet spiky pop. Two Thousand and Ten Injuries is the Swedish quintet’s third excellently titled album, after Nine Times That Same Song and A Hundred Things Keep Me Up at Night. It was recorded on analog tape at the band’s newfound home studio with soundman Wyatt Cusick, formerly of San Francisco’s Aislers Set and Track Star. If subdued compared to the first two records, Injuries finds diminutive singer Josephine Olausson’s gulping voice at its dewy, pleading best. This time averaging less than three minutes each, Love Is All’s woozy missives remain jolted with a jumpy rhythm section and serrated guitar lines. A saxophone whines when needed, but knows when to get lost as well. Injuries flits past in a hurry, though not without planting the necessary seeds for further listening. “Bigger Bolder” bucks like an old garage thumper, while “A Side in a Bed” could be a Cyndi Lauper ballad made bleary with the previous night’s excess. Even better is the bop and swerve of “Early Warnings.” And if you must know, that same disheveled urgency carries over into its live show.

Princeton and the Butterfly Bones open.
Fri., April 16, 8:30 p.m., 2010

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