Meadowlark Lemon

What have the Harlem Globetrotters been up to since you were 12? Well, they lost a game in 2006. Other than that, they’ve been trying to avoid using flat basketballs, gingerly walking a toddler onto the court during gametime, creeping behind the opposing team for ceremonial pantsing, and throwing bucketfuls of water — wait, what? What? It’s confetti! — into the ref’s face. They also have 2,500 followers on Twitter and 7,000 friends on Facebook. Today, the Globetrotters play some team nobody thought to identify. Perhaps it’s the Washington Generals, who have lost about as many games as the Globetrotters have won. Incidentally, the Globetrotters also play in Norway today at 8 p.m. Before you accuse the Globetrotters of something crazy, like having more than one team, at least wait to see if they can pull it off — history cautions us to wait for the final buzzer when it comes to the Globetrotters. Incidentally, the Generals have 250 Facebook friends. Could the team be the next Tuscan Whole Milk meme? Perhaps it already is.
Fri., April 23, 7 p.m., 2010

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