Traverse the Districts

Few recognize San Francisco as a city of wilderness, but consult Google Maps, satellite view: Patches of wild land blooms, like moss on subway bathroom tile. Earth Day in the Twin Peaks Bioregion and Eco-Corridor drops you into that, with a two-to-three-hour hike covering the native areas of Golden Gate Park, Mount Sutro, Twin Peaks, Glen Canyon, and more — and it does so crossing only two busy streets. You can barely do that in Tahoe. And as every student knows, no wilderness hike is complete without ongoing wilderness lecturing, and that’s courtesy of Nature in the City's founding director and hike leader Peter Brastow. Stops include a visit to the California native garden when summiting "Blue Mountain" (Mount Davidson) and the Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood Council's Native Plant Nursery in the park.
Sat., April 24, 4 p.m., 2010

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