List: Nightlifers

Last week, nightlife promoters and club owners announced they are creating a lobbying organization to make sure their agenda is raised at City Hall. What measures to improve San Francisco nightlife are they pushing?

• Police will not be allowed to make arrests until after last call

Halloween in the Castro will be held every Thursday from 5 to 7 p.m.

• City Hall must streamline the bureaucratic and confusing system of bribing commissioners for permits

• Courts must recognize dealer/patient confidentiality

• Develop tax incentives for businesses that help gays, minorities, and women find their groove

• The Entertainment Commission will no longer have the power to close clubs, but will have discretion to issue free drink tickets

• End the illegal and senseless occupation of Palestine and Pink Diamonds

• The city needs more fashion-conscious homicide detectives

• Lift zoning restrictions to allow sex in the champagne room

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