Double the Art

From a distance, Julie Anand and Damon Sauer’s photo collages look pixelated, with individual squares combining to form the overarching images. But, as with the work of Chuck Close, it pays to get right up against one — you’ll notice that the connecting technology is of another century. Anand and Sauer start with archival prints, run them through an office-quality document shredder, and then reassemble the thin strips on a handcrafted loom. It’s no secret that we love art made with office shredders and looms, but the pieces in “Between” have an intriguing light/dark quality, using both digital and analog technologies, with the images doubled and slightly offset, as if scanned twice. Duality, you might be thinking, correctly. The final work explores this as well, with hands joined together in various ways, folded, pressed together in prayer, or cupped together as if cradling the soul. It’s no accident that “Between” is a collaboration, with two artists doing the work. Anand and Sauer give an artist talk tonight at 7; the exhibit runs concurrently, naturally, with Luis Delgado-Qualtrough’s “Epigraph.”

An opening reception for “Between” and “Epigraph” starts at 6 p.m.
June 2-July 20, 2010

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