Never Fake It

If art can be said to start dialogue across generations, sidle up to an old person during opening night of John Waters’ latest exhibit, particularly when one of them is standing in front of Rush. He or she might have some questions about the sculpture of the bottle of the popular liquid incense, such as, What’s liquid incense? “It’s a popper, otherwise known as amyl nitrate.” What? “People sniff it at clubs. Sometimes it’s known as video-head cleaner. Also, it reportedly relaxes your sphincter.” What? “You know, for gay sex? It’s also called room aroma or cyclohexyl nitrite. Ah, here’s John.” And Waters, ever the host, will laugh delightedly and make some slightly scandalous but ultimately charming joke about something innocuous, like Hairspray closing on Broadway, putting everybody at ease. At the exhibit of the same name, the filmmaker also exhibits photos from the set of his 1998 film, Pecker, and his usual film-still photo collages that upend film history, making you really dizzy and euphoric, hopefully for more than a moment or two.
May 27-July 9, 2010

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