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The Gallo Salame company is not exactly older than the hills, but it’s older than a lot of the coastline around here. When Gallo first started up, the name North Beach made sense, for example. Since then, its meat-grinders have ground on, producing traditional hard, peppered dry sausages, salame, and pepperoni, as well as low-fat and low-sodium (!?) versions. That’s it — no prosciutto, bresaola, or speck. This is the workhorse of the salumi world; the people’s meat, not a gourmet trend. However, Gallo Salame’s 100th Anniversary finds the company celebrating in a very “now” style: The Trattoria 1910 pop-up, an “Old World restaurant, re-created” special for the birthday. The good news, neither old-fashioned nor new-school, is that all the food is free.
May 26-June 18, 2010

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