Soccer Succor

Regarding soccer, the most many locals do is admire its fans, foremost among whom is author and barkeep Alan Black. But sometimes we’ll also consider hooliganism, the way Manchester United sounds like a punk band, and whatever it is David Beckham is. We’re also ready to drink in the morning during World Cup broadcasts. In short, we’re idiots about the game. But Black has been on the city’s case about soccer for years, and for his latest attack, he and David Henry Sterry have released The Glorious World Cup: A Fanatic's Guide. We’re intrigued: The slightly unhinged book is about the sport, the teams, and the ever-intriguing wickedness of both, with contributions from the likes of Irvine Welsh, Po Bronson, and Simon Kuper. Of course, the pair is also throwing a The Glorious World Cup Party. If there’s a first and last thing you’ll do regarding soccer this year, make it this book launch, because there’s a microphone and a “goal” screaming contest. That’s all you need to know.
Sat., June 5, 8 p.m., 2010

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