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The temptation in the blog world might be to slot Spain's Delorean in with home-recording "chillwave" outfits like Toro y Moi and Washed Out. While the Basque-bred, Barcelona-based quartet does feature some of the sun-drenched synthesizers and swishy house beats of those groups, Delorean is a true band, having begun life in the Spanish punk scene in 2000. The foursome's new album, Subiza, feels like the record that Happy Mondays would've made if they ditched the gloom of Madchester for the E-stoked shores of Ibiza. The group is indebted to rave culture, sure, but looking to bastardize it for its own purposes, ably concocting a euphoric kind of music that demands hands be waved in the air. By weaving together familiar parts — the shuffling hip-hop beat of "Simple Graces," the swirling synthesizers of "Endless Sunset," the skipping female vocals of "Stay Close" — Delorean elicits a type of beachside, party-time nostalgia. It's the sonic equivalent of Pavlov, making dancefloor denizens drool like delirious dogs, even if they haven't heard the songs yet. Endless sunset? You bet.

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Thu., June 10, 10 p.m., 2010

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