Wild and Woolly

“Lyres and Lace” conjures an important fraction of what we think, in our more box-wine-y moments, heaven must hold in store. (The rest of our we’ve-been-good image is made of waterfalls, Joni Mitchell, and coconut water.) There are eyefuls of zany prints and junk-huggin’ leggings going around at your average underground fashion show, if that’s what you’re looking for. But we often ask ourselves a different fashion question: What are woodland creatures wearing on their human upper halves? By Goddess, we suspect that tonight the answer will be revealed. Racks of animal horns, campfires, natural fibers, and a slug of anachronistic living are the signals of this show and music concert, and who better to take you to such a state of mind but folky Mariee Sioux, strumming your animal skin with her fingers? Also on deck are Judgement Day and the Foxtails Brigade, featuring violinist Anton Patzer and vocalist Laura Weinbach, who also designed the neo-Victorian decorations for the evening. Six Bay Area designers show their wares, including ecowarriors Daughter Earth.
Fri., June 11, 8 p.m., 2010

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