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Most successful people — the ones you're jealous of — have one thing in common: They work really, really hard. Helmed by choreographer and dancer Sean Dorsey, the transgender and queer performance series known as the Fresh Meat Festival features a lineup so wide-ranging it might leave you wondering what the theme is, if you didn't know about the hard work bit. A Pacific Islander choir, a glamorous singer-songwriter, Dorsey's own release-technique modern dance company, and gay Appalachian cloggers, for example. Then there's Allan Frias Productions, a big, fun hip-hop dance company set to perform new choreography described as a "vogue/runway" piece. Frias, who has appeared on So You Think You Can Dance, teaches high-energy weekly classes, and runs Mind Over Matter dance group, exemplifies the thing that ties all these acts together: He works really, really hard. And the results are really, really good.
June 17-20, 2010

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