Art Review: Teo Gonzalez: "New Paintings" at Brian Gross Fine Art


Through June 26 at Brian Gross Fine Art, 49 Geary (at Kearny), S.F. Free;

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The quarter-size ovals that splatter Teo Gonzalez' latest canvases are hypnotic. In turquoise, charcoal, satin red, and other colors, they snake and meander like jewels from a necklace in search of a home. A raised drip of paint dots the center of many ovals, giving the canvases — from the side, anyway — the appearance of armored plates. Maybe that's what he had in mind for one of the featured paintings, King Ashurbanipal (Study 2), named after the ancient Assyrian monarch who was known for his hunting and wartime exploits. The fluidness in Gonzalez' work, and his emphasis on ovals, dripped dots, and cross-current patterns, will remind people of Jackson Pollock. I'm not the first person to see Pollock's echoes in Gonzalez' creations. The paintings at Brian Gross Fine Art are what Pollock might have done if he'd slowed down to do one meticulous blotch at a time. Nevertheless, King Ashurbanipal and Gonzalez' other creations are strikingly original — the output of a Brooklyn artist who was born in Spain, educated in California, and who has seen enough of the world to try to make artistic sense of it.

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