List: The best democracy money can buy

What has changed after last week's election?

Meg Whitman's governorship will arrive in six months, unless she wants to pay for faster shipping

• PG&E will pass on $46 million in expenses to its customers

Jerry Brown's biggest opponent remains Jerry Brown

• We'll never stop saying "demon sheep"

Gavin Newsom has proven that the road to settling for lieutenant governor runs through Twitter

• The primary system will go from being screwed up in a way everybody understands to being screwed up in a way nobody understands

• Now that Chris Kelly has lost the nomination for attorney general, Facebook's privacy settings will return to exposing your ass

Kamala Harris will pay even less attention to S.F.'s crime lab

• The 49ers are now somebody else's problem

• Two-thirds of California voters have established that the state can govern itself without them

• San Francisco will finally pretend to undertake the seismic retrofitting it so desperately needs

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