Easy Name to Make Bad Jokes About

Chicago comedian Hannibal Buress must be really good. Not only is he a writer for Saturday Night Live, but at tonight's show, he's also headlining over the funniest person in San Francisco. Who does he think he is? Let's turn this into a contest. W. Kamau Bell is the home team, Hannibal Buress! The away team likes to take the piss out of firefighters -- our nation's heroes -- on national television. W. Kamau Bell, on the other hand, loves kittens. So it's fine to blow into town and be all like, hey, yeah, I'm headlining over your favorite comedian, San Francisco. It's totally fine, Hannibal Buress -- you just better kill. Jen Slusser also performs, holding her own in this comedy firestorm.
Wed., June 30, 8 p.m., 2010

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