On Art Marauding

Spy Emerson visited the Venice Biennale last year aboard a ramshackle art ship, strewn with all manner of hammered-together junk, as part of the flotilla “The Swimming Cities of Serenissima.” She’s an artist, of course. It was a good idea. The flotilla stormed across the Adriatic Sea from Slovenia to Venice and right into the Venetian Arsenal, leaving the art crowd, including critics, properly thunderstruck. It was the hit of the show, which did and still does not recognize outsider art; it was also a rough trip, and took a toll on the crew. The 30 artists then dispersed to the winds, and Emerson came home to S.F. to figure it all out with an art exhibit and now a play: Happy Forever: The Life and Death of an Italian Cat. Is it another good idea? It has to be, since she not only plays a “disenchanted art marauder” but also a cat. You don’t play a cat unless your shit is together. Dottie Lux of Red Hots Burlesque, Dr. Hal Robins, and Gooby Herms join Emerson onstage.
Sat., June 26, 7, 8 & 9 p.m., 2010

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