Headbangers' Ball

Teenage mutants. Vengeful transsexuals. Zombie stoners. Shameless porn stars. Grindhouse legends. Takashi Miike. If there’s one bash on the crammed Bay Area movie calendar that truly needs no explication, it’s the Another Hole In the Head Film Festival. Dedicated to the proposition that midnight movies are so ready for prime time, fest director Jeff Ross and his cohorts aggressively seek out the gnarliest, nastiest, bloodiest, and funniest flicks from Tehachapi to Tokyo. Titles like Silent Night, Zombie Night and Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives speak for themselves, don’t they? Another Hole In the Head also provides an oft-overlooked social benefit. Stretching out to three full weeks and parked dead center in Hollywood’s summer kill zone, the fest offers a clever, thrill-packed antidote to the big studios’ rote sequels and lame fantasy films. Really, if the choice is between Satan Hates You and The Last Airbender, which pic is likely to kill fewer gray cells? Hash out that burning question between bands like the Dwarves and Thee Merry Widows at AHITH’s sideshow, the Summer Music Fest, which runs July 9-14.
July 8-29, 2010

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