The Business Men

Four comedians anchor the weekly stand-up show The Business, and they’re all extremely smart and funny. Alex Koll has dramatic hair on his face and head, Sean Keane is bringin’ self-deprecation back, and Chris Garcia is mean and angry, yet somehow also gentle. But we bet they all hate Bucky Sinister, because Bucky is Mr. Popular. He can’t help it: Everyone just loves Bucky, right away. People love him even more after they hear his sharp-edged, literary jokes, and plus he looks like a prettier version of Walter from The Big Lebowski, which only makes everyone love him yet more. He’s not like a dick about it or anything, but it’s gotta be annoying. Good thing the show always includes a few guest comics, to keep things from getting ugly: A recent Business featured Sammy Wegent, who somehow, somehow made ex-girlfriend and therapist jokes work, without even using very much misogyny. A special musical performance by “hippie” duo Rainbow Chair concluded the evening in a hail of charmingly faux-idiotic folk songs.
Wednesdays, 8 p.m., 2009

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