What Is "Wealth?"

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English lesson: "Irony" is when the literal meaning is the opposite of the actual meaning. It is not, for example, rain on your wedding day. But when a dance company questions consumerism inside an ancient bastion of money, it is a very nice piece of visual and conceptual irony. See that? In Joe Goode Performance Group's Traveling Light, choreographer Goode (working with lighting designer Jack Carpenter) designed a walking tour of a dance performance — small groups of audiences move from courtyard to foyer to hallway. "Life doesn't happen one thing at a time," Goode told a television reporter during Traveling Light's initial run. "Let the stage reflect life." And let the stage be made of marble, and have soaring ceilings and massive vaults. Now please discuss among yourselves: Are Goode's hallmark talking and singing dancers ironic?
July 7-Aug. 1, 8 p.m., 2010

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