List: How the toll to the Bay Bridge is now calculated

Drivers say they are confused by the new system of bridge tolls instituted last week. How is the toll to cross the Bay Bridge now calculated?

• The toll is $6 for vehicles with two or fewer axles and $8 for vehicles with more than two axles, unless you carpool, in which case you can deduct one wheel for every passenger

• Cars are charged an additional 25 cents per bumper sticker

• There's a 20 percent discount if your car is registered in a state that supports gay marriage

• There are different tolls for "peak hour," "off-peak hour," and "don't you have a job?" commuters

• To encourage conservation, the toll is divisible by your gas mileage

• Residents of Arizona are charged an additional $10 in blood money

• Toll collectors are authorized to impose an additional $1 surcharge if they think you've been appreciating the bridge aesthetically

• An extra $2 because ... because we fucking told you so!

• Carpool lanes will now be the most expensive, because cars in those lanes are always carrying more people

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