How the Soup Was Made

You might consider a tour of Pier 39 to be the equivalent of slipping into a tub of fast-setting chowder with seafood flavoring, but the Fisherman’s Wharf Walk is part of Laborfest, and these people do not just reheat a Wikipedia page. This is a chance to discover the true workers' history of one of our iconic industrial hubs before it cornered the local market on key chains and T-shirts. Coming near the end of Laborfest's month-long celebration of the great battles fought by and for workers, the walk is led by Randy Bradner from City Guides, who is most assuredly not a slumming stand-up comic. The tour, which is not conducted on Segways, covers the canning industries, unions, women's labor, and the Italian fishing community. It also does not stop for bread bowls.

Meet at the benches at the foot of Larkin.
Mon., July 19, 1 p.m., 2010

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