I'm the Knave, Man

Early this year, the world slapped its head and said "Lebowski!" Technically it said "Bridges!" but many heard "Lebowski!" For Crazy Heart's Bad Blake had just enough of the Dude in him — drunk, charmingly drunk, periodically flummoxed — to get Bridges-as-Blake-but-also-Lebowski noticed by the Academy. And it doesn't hurt that Bridges basically showed up as the Dude (same goatee; similar hair and befuddlement) during all those award shows. In any case, Lebowskipalooza staggers on, year after year, and this is a good year, for it contains Much Ado About Lebrowski, an Elizabethan comedy of errors by the bucketful-of-blood theater troupe Primitive Screwheads. Don't worry about the Elizabethan comedy-of-errors part: This is classic Lebowskiness, with a benediction by local Lebowski ringleader Jeff Ross of IndieFest. As such, it's totally sold out. But they're promising some seats at the door, a White Russian bar, and hinting at a new venue, so consider this a public service message, and watch the site for updates like Walter Sobchak eyeballing pin placement.
July 24-27, 8 p.m., 2010

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