... Walking

Try watching Dead Man in thirds, over the course of three days. That way, it'll seem like it lasts six days, instead of only two. We mean this as a compliment. Jim Jarmusch's weirdest, most allegorical, and black-and-whiteiest film has a very slow pace, with much of the action taking place while Johnny Depp and some other people and horses plod through stark, wooded areas. Sometimes, Depp's character, William Blake, wears odd facepaint, sometimes not. Gary Farmer's character, Nobody, yells at him, takes care of him, and kills people with him; they form a bond. The plot is not irrelevant, but it is also not as important as the film's overall style, nihilism, or original Neil Young soundtrack.
Tue., Aug. 3, 7 & 9:25 p.m.; Wed., Aug. 4, 2, 7 & 9:25 p.m., 2010

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