List: Jeff Adachi's Punishment

San Francisco politicians with ties to organized labor are trying to punish Public Defender Jeff Adachi because he supports pension reform. In addition to cutting his budget, how are they trying to punish him?

• Going to court and testifying against his favorite defendants

• Sending him really bad vibes

• Writing terrible laws he'll have to defend people against

• Not inviting him to all the cool committee meetings

• Holding a public hearing — yelling

• Making the sign of the cross when he walks by

• Waiting until he needs a plumber: That's when they'll strike

• Passing him notes saying Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier "likes" him, when she doesn't

• Scathing editorial in the Guardian about how he's not a "true progressive" — just scathing

• "Running out" of the fair trade coffee whenever he's at City Hall

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