Heads in the Clouds

The Yellow Submarine feel to Oliver Hibert's art shows a deep affection for the team of animators behind the famously trippy 1968 Beatles film. At "Hot Freaks," he shows work inspired by the flat, wavy shapes and oddball color combinations from way back when, only his work is definitely for grown-ups: Suffice to say Hibert likes boobies. Many of the other artists who contribute to the exhibit appear to like boobies also, but what really brings them together (besides curator Jay Howell) is a sense of fantasy. Justin Lovato's desolation-row Hieronymus Bosch-y landscapes, Lango Nator's magnificent skull-focused tattoo paintings, and Daryll Peirce's self-described "arterial-botanic city organisms" fantasize harmoniously at "Hot Freaks."

The opening reception for "Hot Freaks" starts at 5 p.m.
Aug. 5-29, 2010

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