Representatives of the Media

Today, three leaders of online news sites — the Bay Citizen’s Lisa Frazier, SF Public Press’ Michael Stoll, and Mission Local's Lydia Chavez — sit down to a panel discussion, "The Evolving Landscape of Local Journalism." We expect a spirited debate, given the many players in local media. We also expect some pre-show outrage, given how few of those many players were invited. "What is this?" we can imagine journo X (not Eve Batey) blogging. "What about the rest of us?" We can imagine the path of the outrage — the evolving landscape of it, if you will — incorporating snarky posts, tweets blasting out at strange hours, proclamations made over happy hour at Orson, maybe a local hellion (not Brock Keeling) posing as an anonymous commenter and raising hell in an out-of-the-way place, like Grubstreet SF. We might even get a muckraker (not Kevin Montgomery) releasing e-mails from a secret, off-the-record e-mail list for local bloggers, which wouldn't let the local muckraker join because of the bolo tie he refuses to take off lest it confuse his brand. Of course, there would be something scandalous with the interns — never take your eye off the interns. (We see you.) Who knows? It's online local journalism, which is exciting! Local music should be so exciting.
Mon., Aug. 9, 7:30 p.m., 2010

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