Just Make It Up as You Go Along

Performing improvisational theater and comedy are popular all over the country — because saying the first thing that comes into your head is fun. If you are talented, it’s also funny. To be talented, you need inspiration. Tim Meadows performs in two shows Aug. 14. Do the math: You know Meadows from his nine-year stint on SNL, among other things; our money is on him improv-ing rings around anyone else onstage. Inspiring! Many other good shows are planned at the San Francisco Improv Festival, as well. On Aug. 13, for example, fest organizers Crisis Hopkins join Los Angeles group Slave Leia. Kim “Howard” Johnson’s show looks amazing as well; he was John Cleese’s assistant, tells tales from the set of Life of Brian, and plans to share pictures. Have fun, but don’t say the first thing that comes into your head when you see them.
Aug. 12-21, 2010

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