Tapping on It

Although it’s possible to find the tap-dance version of Sparkle Motion in San Francisco — children in horrible sequinned costumes flipping their jazz hands around, that is — the Bay Area is thankfully more aligned with the cool kind of tap dancing. At the Bay Area Tap Festival, stars of Broadway and the silver screen bring their jazz feet, not their jazz hands; in fact, many of the workshop instructors have been compared to jazz musicians. Channing Cook Holmes, Mark Mendonca, Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards, and John Kloss, the head of the group behind the fest, Stepology: All are preserving and enlarging the tradition of rigorous, music-focused, contemporary tap dance. The festival’s public aspect is its annual concert performance, the Bay Area Rhythm Exchange, at Herbst Theatre Aug. 20-21. Find all those cool teachers and more onstage, with nary a jazz hand in sight. Today, the Community Showcase sees workshop-takers and local groups showing off what they’ve learned.
Aug. 16-22, 2010

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