Dynamic Duo

You may love Baltimore for being the set of HBO’s extraordinary series The Wire, or for having spawned John Waters. But friends, the joint has also given us some of punk’s great talents, including artists Daniel Higgs and Kyle Ranson. Ranson’s band (with local lady Kim Pierce), Pale Hoarse, has been haunting our town and beyond with baleful melodies and dashing good looks for years, and his widely exhibited paintings appear both in galleries and on the walls of Clarion Alley. Daniel Higgs may be best known as singer of post-hardcore Dischord band Lungfish, but he also has issued several deeply compelling solo albums and worked in other media as well. Higgs and Ranson began a drawing collaboration in 1991 that concluded 16 years later in 2007; their style evokes a contemplative moment before drastic action. "Morph Traits," the title of the offset printed book collecting their drawings, is released tonight alongside an exhibit of the original drawings.

The opening reception for "Morph Traits" starts at 7 p.m.
Sept. 9-Oct. 4, 2010

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