Tough Love Revisited

For better or worse — and we’d say worse — the art world is often driven by things safe and familiar. Think about it: The paintings that sell for $10,000 at high-end galleries are usually landscapes, fruit bowls, or works “heavily influenced” by Warhol or Dalí. Let us instead suggest something challenging: Between Lived Experiences at Southern Exposure. Performance artist Brody Condon teams up with Nordic live-action role-playing game developers Bjarke Pedersen and Tobias Wrigstad to explain — and recruit volunteers for — an upcoming project called LevelFive. The three-day event will see 75 people loosely following the structure of 1970s self-actualization seminars such as EST. Condon is clear, however, that LevelFive won’t be a re-enactment. And the materials on his website neither praise nor berate the much-maligned “tough love” trainings. So, what will LevelFive be? Only the people who participate will know — and even they won’t really know until it takes place. Tonight’s event includes screenings of examples of Condon’s work as well as discussion of several influential Scandinavian live-action games from the past decade. Are you up to the challenge?
Fri., Sept. 10, 7:30 p.m., 2010

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