The local Ornette Coleman–inspired free jazz scene is full of young, sharp-dressed musicians who in their nonjazz moments play on records by Jolie Holland, Tom Waits, Joanna Newsom, and Sean Hayes. At the Mercury Falls and Dave Mihaly show, some of the brightest of that group celebrate new recordings — Quadrangle and Eastern Accents in the Far West, respectively, both on Porto Franco. Mercury Falls is anchored by Patrick Cress, whose monstrous composing résumé precedes him, and Quadrangle features airy, soundscapey songs full of stretched-out saxophone and light-handed electronics. Mihaly brings the Shimmering Leaves ensemble of Ara Anderson and David Boyce to play the slightly harder-edged and more structured compositions of Eastern Accents — compared to Mercury Falls, anyway. They're still languid enough to cause daydreams of stoned man-poets and spaced-out women in black.
Thu., Sept. 16, 9:30 p.m., 2010

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