My World Is Empty Without You

What's new in the life of Mary Wilson, the normal Supreme? Why, the traveling exhibition of her gowns. "The Story of the Supremes: From the Mary Wilson Gown Collection" isn't yet scheduled to visit the Bay Area, but we have hope — it's at this very second as close as Seattle. The exhibit bends the mind with its thoroughly American combo of silky lavender bellbottom jumpsuits and fierce civil rights history. But tonight's show, Mary Wilson: The Supreme Diva Returns, is not about the past, however world-changingly glamorous it may have been. It's about the present, including the recent release of proof that Mary loves us: Her new DVD is Live from San Francisco ... Up Close. It's also about the classic style and fabled voice of a dreamgirl.
Sept. 22-26, 8 p.m., 2010

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